Ways to Save Money Printing and Find Cheap HP ink

Whether working in a busy office or working remotely from home, it is important to be able to print documents on a regular basis to handle business. When a lot of printing is done, purchasing ink cartridges can be a major expense. Those who are looking for a way to conserve ink and save money will find some tips here to help.

Print with Caution

Before sending a document to the printer, take the time to review each page carefully to be certain that it’s ready. Print jobs often have to be repeated due to alignment problems and grammatical errors that could have been caught before printing. In addition to this, when printing an online document, try to select only the portion that is needed to avoid additional pages and sections that will just waste paper and ink.

Check the Ink Cartridges

When the printer indicates that ink levels are low, many people will toss and replace the cartridges prematurely. Before throwing the old ones out, open the printer, remove the cartridges, and give them a shake. It is common for the ink to settle at the bottom and read as low by the device when it isn’t used as often. More than likely, several more documents will be able to be printed before replenishing.

Also, the manufacturer knows that people need a little advance notice that the ink is low. So, if there isn’t any on-hand they have time to purchase some before it runs out entirely.

Less Color and Graphics

When preparing documents that will be used in-house, like rough drafts and to-do lists, avoid printing in color. Stick to black and white to conserve the color ink and extend the life span of the cartridges.

Also, all printers require more ink to successfully print graphics, charts, and graphs. Add graphics sparingly or consider making them smaller with text wrapped around to conserve not only space but the cartridges.

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