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How to Choose an Event Venue

Choosing the right event venue is a crucial part in planning an event. You should know as much as you can about the place so you can tell if it’s really what you want and need. The last thing you want is to be surprised by fees or rules you didn’t know of until the day itself. We all know that venue rentals come with so many concerns, such as parking, setup and cleanup rules, handicap accessibility and so on. Before you begin searching for prospective venues for your event, keep these tips in mind:

Your Needs

First and foremost, know how many attendees there will be, what the setup will be, the time of the event, and how much you are comfortable spending. If you are aware of what you need as against what you want, you can prioritize more effectively in terms of what must stay and what you may give up if called for.

Research Then Visit

When searching for a venue for your event, doing it online and making a few phone calls can save you a lot of time and energy. At this stage of your research, you can already learn so much regarding a certain location – how much it costs, any packages they offer, the interior (or exterior) design, availability, etc. The idea is to know exactly what to ask and to write all your questions down.

Here are some you might consider:Below are a few that you may consider:The following are some that you might consider: Do you have a room good for this number of attendees? Are you available on this date and time? How much is this room renting for? Do we need to meet a certain requirement in terms of food and beverage spending? Can I view your menu online or can you email it to me? Will there be windows in the room that let some natural lighting in (or anything else you might need)?

Site Visits

After doing your initial research, choose at least three of the best choices you have, and schedule a visit with each of them. You need not stay so long, but you do have to spend maybe an hour so you can do a thorough inspection of the place. This is the wisdom behind initial online and phone research. Not only is a visit time-consuming; it’s also costly.

The Neighborhood

On top of a venue being just right for all your needs, you must also see whether the neighborhood is safe for all who will be attending your event. Take time to drive around and get a vibe of the area. You can also use this time to know what establishments are close by, like cafes, malls, etc. Of course, you’d like to make the place as safe and convenient as possible for everybody who will be there during your event.

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