How Brand New Mommies can Manage Sleep in the First Month

All new mothers hear horror stories about sleep, especially in those first few months after having a baby. Mothers on their second or third are eerily reminded of long nights circling the crib, tossing in bed, or just picking up new late-night hobbies because sleep is basically impossible.

Sleep can be managed. It may be hard, but it is not impossible. Mommies can manage the delicate act of finding sleep at seemingly inopportune times in the first few tough weeks.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Sleep will be bad. There’s no getting around it. For the vast majority of new mommies, sleep will have to be broken up and reworked under a new schedule- the baby’s schedule. One of the most apparent ways to find sleep is to sleep when the baby does.

Sure, it may only be for 30 minutes. Yes, it will almost always be interrupted by a rumbling from the crib or a crying child. But, it is sleep. Now, some mothers may argue against the “sleep when the baby sleeps” idea, and that’s okay. A way to rephrase this is to relax when the baby sleeps. Take deep breathes, lie down on the floor, and generally avoid any needless distractions. Don’t try to squeeze something in the 30-minute window that is available. It will be too stressful because it will inevitably become interrupted. Just relax somewhere and clear the mind.

Make a Routine

Find a routine that works and stick with it. This could include a diaper change at 6 pm and a settling down at 6:30. Stick with it. The newborn may not pay attention right away, but soon they will click on the routine.

It Won’t Last Forever

Do not get stuck with nasty habits. Some mommies take medications. Others change up their traditional routine too much, and it has consequences. In short, remember that this poor sleep is temporary. Within a few weeks, sleep will improve tremendously. It will be earned.

In the meantime, ask for help. Newborn raising can be a team sport, especially when a few hours are necessary for a little sanity. This Chattanooga Mommy Saves will helpful tips and points around raising a baby. Find that relaxing center. Find sleep when it’s available.